About Us

We at MNL food co. think about food all the time.
Not out of hunger, but out of our passion for it. We've made it our mission to bring the flavors of Manila that tantalize your taste buds and make every meal a celebration. We make dishes and meals that honor the culinary traditions of the melting pot that is the Philippines.

At the heart of MNL food co is a passion for food and a deep appreciation for the culture and history behind each dish. We use traditional recipes and innovative techniques to create delicious and exciting flavors that showcase the best of what we have to offer. Here at MNL food co, we believe that food is more than just fuel for the body, but an experience that connects people, and provides an avenue to share stories with each other, and create lasting relationships.

We here at MNL food co use the finest ingredients, carefully chosen and procured from the best producers, to go into our dishes. We're dedicated to bringing food that brings a dynamic and unforgettable dining experience that is rooted in rooted in authenticity and innovation.